GEN-ZiNE is a global grassroots media community for young voices rewriting the future. We believe that young people are not just the consumers of ideas, but they are also the creators of them.

GEN-ZiNE strives to educate readers on a variety of social issues and provide them with language and tools necessary to take critiques from text into action. We believe in the power of storytelling, and that open discourse is an initial step in driving change.

Who We Are

Our readers are high school and college students who have come of age during tumultuous times, and who do not accept norms at face value. We value community above all else and believe that we can build something profound when we listen, collaborate, and learn from one another’s experiences.

We are writers, artists, activists, and change-makers. 

We are creative, curious, critical thinkers, and compassionate. 

We are here to disrupt and rewrite the narratives we live by.

How We Started

Starting as a print-only zine in 2018, GEN-ZiNE was founded on the basis of designing media for social change. We’ve always strived to make activism accessible, appealing and digestible for the regular young person. GEN-ZiNE was created with the knowledge that while not everyone will dedicate their lives to public service, we must encourage young minds to think critically to expand the breadth of table topics for conversation. 

Since then, we’ve evolved into a multimedia collective, with an extensive online and offline community - a nod to the gap in and desire for a representative youth media network.