Anushka Joshi
Founder of GEN-ZiNE

GEN-ZiNE Presents "Extra Democratic: Solutions Outside of the Ballot Box"

Arts & Culture, Published November 3, 2022
What happens when voting isn't the end all and be all for change? GEN-ZiNE presents "Extra Democratic: Solutions Outside of the Ballot Box".

Create Now. Create Next: A Conversation with Indigo De Souza

Arts & Culture, Published October 25, 2022
Get to know the artist Indigo De Souza, and what inspires her to live her truth.

Sustainability and the Creator Economy: An Interview with Viviene New York

Climate, Published August 22, 2022
The creator economy is notorious for overconsumption. But Estella, founder of Viviene NY, shares how her agency is helping creator consumption become sustainable.

Web3 for Reproductive Rights

News & Politics, Published July 22, 2022
ChoiceDAO, a decentralized organization of volunteer activists formed to fund and participate in the fight for reproductive rights, launches today.

It Gets Better Project

Arts & Culture, Published June 10, 2022
Learn about The It Gets Better project, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQIA youth.

Beyond The Flags: Come As You Are

Lifestyle & Identity, Published June 10, 2022
A conversation members of Converse’s PRIDE Network to talk about bringing the annual Pride collection and campaign to life each year.

A Conversation with Evann McIntosh

Arts & Culture, Published June 10, 2022
A conversation with 17 year old singer/songwriter Evann McIntosh.

Community Building for the Greater Good: Interview with Deja Foxx & GenZ Girl Gang

Lifestyle & Identity, Published April 26, 2022
The power of community and relationship building, and why creating supportive networks is a form of public service.

Public Discourse through Virality: an Interview with Khalil Greene, the Gen Z Historian

Arts & Culture, Published April 26, 2022
Using social media as a tool to raise consciousness and democratize ideas.

The Power of ‘Artivism’: Interview with Tiana Day

Arts & Culture, Published April 26, 2022
How social media allows young activists to maintain authentic narratives.