Iria Villar Mujeriego
IriaVillar Mujeriego
I was born in a small town above the Portugal border in Spain, but I only lived there for a total of six years out of my almost twenty alive. After the 2008 crisis, my parents moved our family to Ireland, which is where I grew up until it was time to leave the nest. Now, I study politics at the University of Amsterdam. I am a sucker for all things justice, human rights, and identity. It's what I want to do in the future and what I love writing about. I feel that after all that life has thrown at me, my pieces tend to be interesting and heavily opinionated as some have described me. I am hard-headed and often take on way more than I can handle, leaving me mentally and physically exhausted most of the time but, I always find the time to write. It helps me express what I feel and think when most people don't want to listen.