Victoria Dozer
Featured Writer.

The Biden Administration Lays Out Plan To Forgive Federal Student Loan Debt

News & Politics, Published August 26, 2022
But the real issue is college affordability.
Maxwell Frost Gen Z for Congress

Political Prediction: Maxwell Frost Will Become First Gen Z Congressmember

News & Politics, Published August 26, 2022
And other Gen Z candidates to look out for this election cycle.
Liz Cheney Wants To Be President

Liz Cheney Wants to Be President: Revisiting Her Politics

News & Politics, Published August 22, 2022
But don't be blinded by a girlboss.
I robot

Why Is All of Our AI Female?

Lifestyle & Identity, Published August 15, 2022
Are AI voices are reinforcing gender roles in the home?

Queer Artists You Should Be Listening To

Arts & Culture, Published June 28, 2022
10 queer artists to check out during Pride Month and beyond.

Mass Shootings Are Intertwined with Violence Against Women

News & Politics, Published June 1, 2022
A comprehensive analysis of the intersection between violence against women and mass shootings, and what we can do about it.

Miiriya: A Platform for Black-owned Businesses and Amazon’s Newest Competition

Lifestyle & Identity, Published June 4, 2021
E-commerce retailer Miiriya promotes Black-owned businesses and funnels profits back into local communities.

Biden's Infrastructure Plan

News & Politics, Published April 9, 2021
Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan aims to rebuild American infrastructure in the wake of COVID-19.

Overlooking Antisemitism: The Capitol Riots and Nazi Symbolism

News & Politics, Published January 25, 2021
How nazism in America has come to a head during the last four years.

Inauguration Day: What You Might Have Missed

News & Politics, Published January 24, 2021
The highlights and history made during Inauguration day 2021.

Numerous Tech Platforms Suspend Trump's Accounts

News & Politics, Published January 13, 2021
The media power of Donald Trump and affiliated right-wing conspiracy groups proved dangerous on January 6.