2022, July 20 — ChoiceDAO, a decentralized organization of volunteer activists formed to fund and participate in the fight for reproductive rights, launches today. 

With an initial goal to raise $1m through cryptocurrency to support frontline nonprofits enabling direct access to care, the organization has broader ambitions to engage an upcoming generation of activists at global scale in a long-term fight. 

“People are outraged by the SCOTUS ruling. We want to get involved but aren’t sure what to do. Yes, we can donate, vote, or tweet, but the current system leaves us questioning the impact of those actions. We feel left out of the process of building the future. But a new era of the internet, one where anyone can participate, is changing that.” says Sahar Afrakhan, a founding member of ChoiceDAO.

ChoiceDAO is leaning on decentralization, a feature of Web3, to break traditional hierarchies and bring a new sense of speed and scale to social movements. Decentralized organizations, powered by blockchain, can reach more people and do so faster than has been possible before. 

“Web3 has the keys to help strengthen social movements. The fight for reproductive access isn’t going away, and to win, we need to inspire new people, new ideas, and find new sources of capital.” says Cecile Richards, the former President of Planned Parenthood and ChoiceDAO member. 

ChoiceDAO’s superpower lies in its community’s time and expertise, reaching far beyond pure fundraising. Since the overturn of Roe, the organization has garnered over 500 members, all invested in building tools and services to supercharge the fight for reproductive rights. Their goal is to become an innovation hub for activism, using the tools Web3 has to offer, to solve problems in the space and establish a long-standing model for change. 

“In an era of tech defined by the mantra ‘move fast and break things’, we’re looking to move fast to help fix things. There’s uncapped potential in Web3 that will define the upcoming generation of activists, even beyond reproductive rights.” says Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code and founding member of ChoiceDAO.

ChoiceDAO has been joined by many prominent figures in reproductive rights and technology, including: Reshma Saujani, Cecile Richards, Brit Morin, Anu Duggal, Cindi Leive, Payal Kadakia, Gretchen Sisson, Scott Moore, Nadya Okomoto, and Anjula Acharia.

About ChoiceDAO

ChoiceDAO was launched in response to the overturning of Roe. They are a global community of activists and Web3 enthusiasts with a purpose to empower change through grassroots organization. They plan to raise $1m, with 100% of funds going to frontline organizations enabling direct access to reproductive healthcare. More info @ choicedao.org