Every Woman Is A God: A Poem On Sisterhood and Defying the Male Gaze

This poem describes how sisterhood uplifts, understands, and soothes as nothing else. To be a woman is to be a god-impossibly carving your own space in a world that seeks to control and confine.

Lifestyle & Identity

At first I thought 
The world would be so different
If god were a woman
The pressure I feel
To be perfect
Would be gone
To be the exact balance of tiny
But take up so much space
That I pave the way for myself and others
To be so productive and self-sufficient
My worth can’t be questioned
While being dainty
Otherwise that’s why you haven’t found a man
That’s why you haven’t found your purpose
Follow your divine feminine and let men lead
That’s what men find natural after all
I don’t have to be part of that man-centered world
My gods are already women
In my best friends and girlhood
I learn true connection and love
Withstands all
In our common problems
I find understanding
And radical freedom to express myself
To love and be loved completely  
Feeling my vulnerability reflected in them
All of my mushy strange insides
Feel beautiful and strong and funny and important
When instead of being met with revulsion 
After exposing my unpolished off-putting lumpy makings
They are lovingly wrapped in
Conspiratorial nods 
Sweet encouraging girl speak
In my aunts 
I am given ground 
Through each I find
Sunshine and water
To grow and persevere 
In my sister 
I am given access to a whole universe
So beautiful it rivals the milky way 
As the older one
I help guide her stars
Even if only slightly
That ability to move her direction
To nourish her in ways I wasn’t or wished I had been
Is a feeling unlike any other
To both heal her 
As her successes heal me
Though the world may be built for men
Sisterhood perseveres
A clambering ivy 
Thick and strong
It’s own verdant garden 
Defiant biodiversity
Where every woman has become a god to survive