India has given birth to many major religions of the world, touching the soul of humanity. From Hinduism to Jainism, India's rich cultural heritage has layers which when studied carefully can help a person to increase consciousness about its significance. Here are 5 reasons why you must dive deeper into India's rich cultural heritage:

It is land of the sages

Buddha's enlightenment at Sarnath; Ashoka's realization post-Kalinga war; Indian history is made of many events that have turned ordinary beings to sages. Today, modern man strives to have a sage-like mind to experience oneness with the divine. This helps human beings to uncover universal secrets and understand that the spiritual path is the best one to be on.

It is home toincredible architecture

The Somnath temple, and temples in Mahabaleshwar, Mukteshwar or Mysore are just a few examples of the many temples this country has.

Each temple holds a special significance and a story linked to it’s incarnation. These stories help seekers understand the answer to different questions and may help them proceed in the right direction. Each of India’s architectural beauties are peaceful places worth a visit:

  • Kashi is a city believed to have a certain kind of wisdom and is believed to hold information that can be used by a disciple to expand his consciousness.

  • Kolkata, ‘the city of joy’, is known for its monumental beauty and importance.

  • Bombay fulfills artists' dreams everyday.

It is the birthplace of Ayurveda and the Yogic Sciences

The pandemic has taught us all the importance of being fit and having a great immunity. Two of the greatest helpers in this regard are undoubtedly Yoga and Ayurveda. While Yoga helps us balance our energies, Ayurveda helps us strengthen our immunity. Digging into India's art and culture helps us understand the way that people live.

It is God's own dwelling place

While Shiva is known to be residing at Mount Kailash, Shri Krishna is believed to have found his residing place in Dwarka.

These epic stories make us believe in the physical presence of certain entities that possess divine powers and work to help humanity prosper.

It has rich cultural diversity

India hosts people from so many states, races and ethnicities. India is land of festivals, food and varied clothing styles:

  • The North can make you fall in love with the Bhangra, mountains, Mughlai food and lovely winters.

  • The East grabs your attention with its tea farms, warm people and Bihu.

  • The West knows how to sooth a soul with its spectacular beaches.

  • The South's peppy dance numbers and energy brings you high energy.

As a proud Indian, my wish for my readers is to appreciate the goodness of Indian art and culture, and to incorporate it into their lives.