Superstar Kim Kardashian West covered every inch of her body at the 2021 Met Gala in an all black bodysuit. The celebrity who is most famed for flaunting her figure walks the red carpet in complete coverage from head to toe.

Kim Kardashian West’s outfit quickly blew up on social media and made its way to major headlines after Monday the 13th's prominent fashion exhibit. But rather than Instagram updates showcasing her curves and clear skin, these posts compared the superstar to the Dementor in Harry Potter.

The unexpected and unusual fashion choice instantly created controversy. Some people loved it while others hated it. Despite the plethora of varied opinions, everyone was left shocked and confused.

Kim’s muted appearance spoke volume with its wide range of interpretation. The audience was left to question the deeper message of her look.

Even with a motive to establish complete anonymity, the celebrity’s silhouette body was easily determined. There was no question as to who was behind the black bodysuit and face mask. Only Kim Kardashian has the ability to be known while being completely covered.

Kim’s entire career stems from her body. She is praised, criticized, and hypersexualized for her beauty. The power of her iconic frame is well-known worldwide. You can love her or hate her, but you know her.

And she makes this clear.

The beauty mogul enters the spotlight as nothing but an outline of a body. Her presence resembles the simplicity of the idealized beauty standard she holds. She leaves the paparazzi and audience to cast their own opinions and objections of her body.

She symbolizes her role in modern American culture. Her daring entrance contributes to The Met’s annual theme of “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” Kim plays with the theme’s influence of paying homage to American fashion and culture with her unique outfit.

Who else is a better representation to modern American culture than the standard herself?

She stands solo on the runway resembling the dark hole of the horrors to her everlasting role.

To this day, we can only interpret our own message for Kim’s bold appearance. We don’t know why or what is next.

We can only digest what is provided in front of us— whether it be on television or on social media.

Whether it be nude Kim or fully-clothed Kim.

Our role as American consumers will continue to determine the American culture and fashion industry. We just don’t know it yet.

But maybe Kim does.

Regardless of the confusion, the beauty mogul has taught us one thing.

And she proved it.

Kim K will continue to rewrite the red carpet.

Even in all black.