Here are 10 TikTokers you might've not heard about yet.

TikTok has been around for a few years and we constantly find new users every day from the algorithm of the “for you page.” We see a variety of videos across many genres: cooking, comedic, athletic, and many more. We also find new up-and-coming celebrities every day just by coming across their videos and giving them a like.

Over the break, I've spent a lot of time on TikTok and I came across a lot of funny skits performed by different TikTokers. Besides the famous D’Amelio family, Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, and Addison Rae that got their notice from the app, here are 10 TikTokers that I have so far discovered:


Tuvok12 is known for his videos where he rates strangers' performance on throwing or kicking a ball. His videos are meant for the viewers to laugh and to see how the public will react if a random ball is thrown at them. Currently, Tuvok12 has a follower base of 11.5 million on TikTok, and his real name is unknown.


Savanah Moss creates comedic videos that get her views and a big fanbase. She makes funny customer service video skits with good transitions. One of her most popular videos is aStarbucksservice-related video pinned on her profile. She currently has 6.8 million followers on TikTok.


Sal Abonce is a TikToker who is commonly known for his "Sal Styles Slimetastic Slim" skits. In addition to that, he makes point of view videos that are either relatable or that just make you want to laugh. Currently, he has 2.6 million followers.


Known for hiskidnapped in a trunkandASMRTikTok videos, Matthew Sieverin can make his viewers laugh. He also makes point of view videos as well and skits with his friends. Matthew has 1.8 million followers on his account. Sieverin also has aYoutube channelwhere he makes hilarious content.


Audrey Trullinger is comedic and relatable. She not only influences, but she can make others laugh from her videos. In her "F***girl help hotline" video series, she gives hilarious advice and her videos will persuade you into wanting to follow her or herYoutube account, where she posts vlogs. She has 1.3 million followers as of right now.


Charles Brockman III is the creator behind @theonlycb3. He basically reenacts movies. He has done scenes fromElf,Camp Rock, and many more. Be one of the 4.6 million followers who gets a laugh from his videos.


Ari Jelkins' TikTok account gives song recommendations based on other songs you may like. For instance, if you like the song "Anyone" by Justin Bieber, Jelkinsrecommendsthe songs "I Choose You" by AJ Mitchell, "Crowded Room" by Connor Maynard, and "Dazed and Confused" by Ruel. Be a part of Jelkins' 1.4 million followers to get more song recommendations.


Brett Park is a USC art major. His TikTok account is where he posts videos of what he is working on for school, and where he gives tutorials on how to draw specific things. Park has so far logged his journey of creating acardboard jacketand a six-footpainting. Park has 485k followers on TikTok.


Devon Rodriguez is an artist from New York. He makes TikTok videos of him painting or drawing a portrait of a stranger on the Subway and then sees their reaction after handing them the artwork. He is talented and his content is very wholesome. Other than TikTok,Rodriguezis a full-time artist and has been featured in different publications and shows.


Pierson is also aYoutuber,where she vlogs and does challenges that make the viewers laugh. On TikTok, she dances or does funny skits that make the 11.9 million people want to follow her.